Monday, August 4, 2008

how UiTMT can improve their English

According our Prime Minister said, now English are very important language in this world. UiTMT can improve their English in many ways. Base on my opinion, UiTMT can improve their English by started at upper level. It is to show that UiTMT is one of the best University. To be a top University in Malaysia, administration of UiTMT need to have a good management systems. This is a one of importants steps to improve English in UiTMT .

First of all,is a lecturers. They should show to their students by teaching or speaking with other lecturers and students. This will attract their students to speak English. Not only for students but for the other staff such as guards, cleaner, dining staff and so on.

In addition, if UiTMT want to improve their English, they need to practice it in their daily life from their daily spoken, till their daily business. By doing this the automatically can improved their English skills. Then can help them conquer this English skills with more deeply.

Furthemore, they need to bear in their mind that it is important to conquer English skills. It is because, nowadays the technology is changing and by hook or by crook, they need to learn English, to face or they might be leave behind.

Last but not least if UiTMT what to improve their English they need to start is from upper level then flow to the bottom level. Then UiTMT staff need to cooperative to manage it.

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